The Science of Meditation I


Follow the practical steps in this book to develop your own experience of the state of meditation. By applying the exercises given in each lecture, any sincere student can become a self-reliant meditator, capable of using meditation as a powerful tool for investigation and analysis.

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The Science of Meditation I is the definitive course on real meditation.

The state of meditation is the natural state of the consciousness, unconditioned, unfiltered, serene, perceiving, and understanding. In the state of meditation, by reflecting on a problem or question, we can find answers, insight, wisdom, guidance. In the state of meditation, we can perceive what is hidden from the physical senses. In the state of meditation, there is no debate, dogma, belief, or theory: there is only the experience of what is real.

Real meditation is:

  • a form of perception
  • a way of getting information
  • a precise science


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